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The pricing listed below is their upgrade pricing at the time of ordering - if you don't buy the upgrade when you order, you're out of luck for support from Apple.

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Luckily, five other companies are able to fill the void - performance, warranty and compatibility are all the same between these folks, so let's look at pricing. The Mac mini only has a single pin memory slot, so we're only looking at single stick configurations. OCZ didn't have a line specifically for the mini, but their G5 modules worked just fine. The one problem with OCZ's G5 module is that it has a heatspreader, making it a very tight fit in the mini.

Mac mini Memory The Mac mini comes equipped with only MB of memory, so memory upgrades for it are a must.


Apple Mac Mini (PowerPC G4) review: Apple Mac Mini (PowerPC G4) - CNET

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Other than upgrading from the paltry MB of memory, the biggest performance boost comes from using an external rpm FireWire drive instead of the poky notebook drive inside the mini. Max out RAM, pick up a big, fast, expensive rpm 2.

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Mac mini Late 2018 Repair

Welcome Image and Text. Details introduced As of Still, its small size, high style, and excellent software make it a great buy for basic home use. Apple has become synonymous with sleek, minimalist design, and the Mac Mini certainly embodies this ethos. A low, square box with rounded corners, the Mini is made of white plastic and anodized aluminum, and it measures 2 by 6. Smaller than any Shuttle system we've seen and Shuttle pioneered the small-form-factor PC , the Mini looks great in any environment, equally at home on a desk or in the den.

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  • And when in use, the Mini is marvelously quiet, with its cooling fan making less than a whisper. In order to maintain the Mini's elegance, Apple has put even commonly used items, including the power button and the audio jack, on the rear.

    Mac mini Memory

    You may tire of feeling around back to turn on the thing or to sync your iPod , but the Mini's small dimensions mean it will likely be sitting on top of your desk vs. We were less than happy to find only the pair of USB ports; unless your monitor or keyboard provides such ports, you'll need to get a USB hub. It's far from a big-ticket item, but it will somewhat diminish the Mini's small footprint and clean design.

    The Mini's case isn't sealed, but opening it is a bit of a challenge and not for the nontechnical it involves some elbow grease and confidence with a putty knife.

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    If you want Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or extra RAM, we recommend ordering them as custom options when you buy the Mini or taking it to a local Apple repair shop. Adding an AirPort Extreme card is especially challenging, since besides installing the card, you'll also need to add an internal antenna. If you plan to shuttle the Mini from room to room, as Apple suggests, you'll want to tack on the wireless upgrade prior to purchase. In order to pack the Mini into such a small case, Apple uses a notebook hard drive. Whereas the iMac G5 uses a 3.

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    Expansion, or lack thereof, is also another obvious drawback to the Mini; there are no free PCI slots, and opening the case is difficult. One way Apple has kept the Mini's price down is by not including a monitor, a keyboard, or a mouse. If you're a new user, however, you'll need to tack on the extra expense.