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  1. Is the black widow flightstick compatible with a mac?
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Is the black widow flightstick compatible with a mac?

I have installed the driver that comes with it in the box CD I do not know if there's an updated version of the driver but uninstalling the driver didn't help either so i don't see how a new version would help. I don't know if that is the right place to post it to but I quess mods can move it if needed.

There is a known issue with the black widow where it installs 2 sets of drivers that conflict. If you plugged the device in with windows running you will have this problem. The solution is to uninstall the speedlink driver, and disable the windows HID driver for the device.

Then reboot install the downloaded speedlink driver and plug the device back in. It should clear the conflict. I'd uninstall the windows HID driver and the Speedlink ones, then try again using the online guide. HEY people. I found two fixes. Hope i can help. Now go to device properties tab and you'll find a tick-box that says disable internal pointing Some of them I think are 3.

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Speedlink-Produkte | Gamecontroller und Peripherie

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